Hofner beatle bass dating

by  |  14-Oct-2019 07:29

Also marketed in the US during the late 60's/early 70's as the "Model G500/1 Super Beatle".

The bass version of the Hofner Club Semi Acoustic guitars (Model 125/126/128). Produced between late 19, but Hofner have recently been marketing a re-issue.

Produced from around 1960 through to 1964 as a single pickup version of Hofner's longer lasting 500/5 model which is described below.

Here’s the story behind Adrian’s 1996 Höfner 500/1… I’ve owned this little gem since it arrived at my studio on April 4th, 2012.

But for the sake of accuracy, the online transaction took place on March 20th, 2012. I searched high and low on the internet and missed out on a few e Bay auctions.

Eventually, I came across a link for a little guitar shop in London – New Kings Road Vintage Guitars. It’s vintage and as far as I understand it’s in its original condition – short of having had the wiring rewound before it was sold to me. There are no special characteristics so to speak, but one of the original cream dials is missing its gold concave covering which leaves a rusty screw visible as can be seen in some of the amazing photographs taken by the super talented Dean Schmideg.

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