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However in 1931, Lee introduced the famous Lee 101J (Jelt) denim jacket.

It was a slim jacket that had inward slanting breast pockets and a wide waistband.

Designed specifically for railroad workers, it was named the Loco Jacket and its’ detail features were actually tested by the railroad workers themselves.

About the end of the 1920’s Lee introduced the first denim jacket with a zipper closure known as the 91.

LEE WESTERN WEAR However, times were changing and in addition to their leadership in denim workwear, by the mid 1920’s Lee recognized a greater need to supply western wear for cowboys and rodeo riders. In this model, Lee removed the back pocket rivets and in their place introduced bar tacking; however rivets did remain on the crotch and front pockets. In 1925, Lee introduced its exclusive fabric, Jelt Denim. Sometime in the late 1920’s or early 1930’s, Lee manufactured its first bib overall made with a zipper and called the “LEE WHIZIT”.

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