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Whether you are looking for a classic black goth gown or you want just a hint of gothic style in a medieval-inspired dress, there are plenty of options for all body types.A full-length dress like this is excellent for a formal wedding.Send a message and arrange to meetup later tonight.

White or colored wedding dresses with black accents or black lace might be a good choice as well.

Even pastels, done in a Victorian or historic style can work for a gothic-themed wedding.

The corset-like bodice, black color, and lace are all common the the gothic look and are flattering for most figures.

Ladies with large busts, however, should make sure they are comfortable with the strapless style.

With it's flowing split sleeves, long skirt, and lightly defined waist, a look like this works well for most body types, although very petite women may want to avoid the look because it can overwhelm their frames.

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