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Although coming out is a huge part of your life as an LGBTQ person and can be a liberating experience, it’s not for everyone, and some men are rejecting this what you embrace their label but have sex with guys who don’t?

Does it mean their lovers are any less available to them because they won’t pick a side?

“He admitted he found me interesting and wanted to hang out, and eventually we slept together.

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But straight men with sleeping with other men isn’t just a horny trope or a filthy secret – men willing to be open about their sexuality and commitment to identifying as straight do exist.

And, coincidentally, Robin again found himself entangled with one.“Luke was a few months out of an eight-year relationship – his only – with a girl,” says Robin.

As a fresher at university, Robin, then 18, fell into a relationship with Dom, 24.

“The first year was strictly a bedroom thing,” he tells me.

Clandestine relationships or regular hookups with one straight and one gay/bi guy sometimes exist in a mutual state of insecurity and fear.

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