Fropper dating member index scary new dating site the real world

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Hello, Over a decade ago, we launched Fropper to help you find and befriend new and interesting people around you.

Over the past decade, Facebook, Tinder, Shaadi, etc.

Rediscovering my research in June, 2009, I revisited the sites to see how much had fallen to rot and attrition in six months.

Using public search engines, Un Blinking collates what may be known (and what may have been forgotten).

They upgrade features regularly, pay attention to user comments, and keep the profiles and forum pages healthy. OTOH, some very flashy looking sites are essentially zombies -- dead from the neck up. This is a one-word, snap judgment based on design and profiles from the home page (if any).

Half the profiles are bogus, features have been broken for weeks or months... So, do NOT be surprised to be surprised by what's behind the home page. These words are relative within the survey: Face Party is more douchebaggy than Face-Pic, which is more Cryptic than Faces, which is cluttered.

[Usability note: All links open into the same target window.] Don't Date Me Because I'm Beautiful This survey is all about first impressions. For example, one dating site -- OKCupid -- is not visually impressive, and has a rather average-looking membership.

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