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Lots of great masturbation with me fingering her and her giving me hand ...

» Read more After my parents divorced, we kids moved from a major city area to a very rural area.

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Well I was feeling soooo horny that day I needed to hump something!!! » Read more I've been considering myself somewhat of a bisexual now for over a year or so.

I have never done anything to make me bi because I have never actually had any physical contact with another male (though I would like to try).

I asked my mom about all of this and she told me that ...

» Read more When I was in my mid-twenties, I lived with my old roommate from college.

It didn't end with you leaving me standing on that corner, where the wind was cutting through everything but me because you had me so turned on I could have been naked in the snow and the snow would have melted.

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