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With the advancement of technology and the rise of online dating, finding the person you were meant to be with has never been easier.

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And so saw the beginning of a new Gaza dating agency, known as Wesal. Islamic law allows men to be married to up to four wives.

The term “wesal” is an Arabic word, meaning “reunion” or “communion”, and this dating site allows men to seek either a second or third wife, choosing one from the number of the widows who have also signed up to the site.

Wesal lets women be a part of the marriage decision, as it allows them to choose a husband based on certain criteria.

Before this, women would not have had much say in whom they married, as the decision was effectively made for them So far, Wesal has been successful, despite some people voicing opinions against it and likening it to a financial transaction, as one woman was quoted in the New York Times as saying, “women are not a sack of onions”.

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