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Multiple Undock Points, including separate capital (L Citadel/Fortizar) and super-capital (XL Citadel/Keepstar) undock areas, prevent traffic at busy hubs.

eve character portrait not updating-6

After I have selected a character portrait and then export, there is no image displaying the portrait on the character sheet.

comment=286 To add: Character Sheet - Export Options comment=413 Character Sheet - Export Options (Addiitonal Sheet Designs) Planned

Incoming damage will be mitigated at certain thresholds based on Citadel size and role.

Assault Duration - Structure assaults are expected to take around 30 minutes to complete, no matter where the structure is deployed.

To allow the new destructible structure to compete with NPC stations, we are introducing a new mechanic to ensure that assets stored within the structure can be retrieved when it is destroyed.

Eve character portrait not updating

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