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A-M (excluding I) are the months F = June following number is the year 0 = 2010 next three number are the day of the year 161 = June 10th (the 161st day in the year) Last set of numbers and letter are the plant that it was created at information.

there is also a four digit number on the bottom of the can example 1054 this is a time stamp.

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While there, he began experimenting with his own soft drink recipes.

One, in particular, was fast becoming a big hit with customers, who originally ordered the concoction by asking Alderton to "shoot them a ' Waco.' " As the soft drink's popularity grew, Alderton and Morrison had trouble manufacturing enough Dr Pepper to keep up with the demand for the product. Lazenby, owner of the Circle "A" Ginger Ale Company in Waco, had been impressed with "Dr Pepper" and was interested in manufacturing, bottling, and distributing the soft drink.

Alderton, who had no desire to pursue the business and manufacturing end, he agreed to let Morrison and Lazenby take over.

There are several theories regarding the origin of the Dr Pepper name.

The computer guys have reported, as they tried to quit drinking the stuff problems.

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