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Pet Specialist Mitch Wilder is checking out a new service that promises to weed out the dogs and find you true love."Anchor Lead: "If you’ve spent any time on the dating scene, you know it can be a dog eat dog world out there.Pet Specialist Mitch Wilder is showing us a new way pet owners are pairing up on The Pet Report!

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In the second segment, he and his pet go on an actual date with an Animal member (and of course, her pet). Satellite: C-band, AMC-9, Transponder 22 Downlink Freq: 4140 (H) Audio: 6.2/6.8 Control room/technical number is 202-661-8474.

Advance viewing of the two-part feature package is available online at free segments, which feature an interview with Animal Founder and President, Dan Cohen, as well as footage of members and their pets, will be available via satellite feed on C-band on Tuesday, August 24th from p.m. (EST) and again on Wednesday, August 25th from a.m. This two-part feature news package is available for broadcast without charge.

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