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She is so evidently desperate that she'll do her best to nab a baller. She seems so fake now and has a bigger wig collection than Patti La Belle, Diana Ross and Beyonce combined. ) and Amare is a bit eccentric, but I'm hoping they get serious. Paul Mooney DENIES 'Violating' Richard Pryor's Son After Bodyguard Drops Bombshell, Richard Pryor Jr.

Get the deets on their newest intimate outing inside...

Because pop star Ciara is besties with La La Vazquez Anthony whose husband Carmelo Anthony plays for the Knicks, it's only natural that Ciara and Amar'e would be in the same social circle.

What ended up happening is the Seahawks did take the ‘L’ with the final score being 36-20 Atlanta Falcons.

Afterwards, many people took to social media to taunt Russell for what they perceived as him crumbling to the pressure of Ciara’s exes sitting on the sideline.

Check out some highlights from her interview below.

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