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Each super attribute lookup identifies these parameters and performs the super lookup on the instance, as the current super implementation does with the explicit invokation of a super instance upon a class and instance.

This proposal relies on sys._getframe(), which is not appropriate for anything except a prototype implementation.

/usr/bin/env python # # from array import array import dis import new import types import __builtin__ __builtin__.__super__ = __builtin__.super del __builtin__.super # We need these for modifying bytecode from opcode import opmap, HAVE_ARGUMENT, EXTENDED_ARG LOAD_GLOBAL = opmap['LOAD_GLOBAL'] LOAD_NAME = opmap['LOAD_NAME'] LOAD_CONST = opmap['LOAD_CONST'] LOAD_FAST = opmap['LOAD_FAST'] LOAD_ATTR = opmap['LOAD_ATTR'] STORE_FAST = opmap['STORE_FAST'] LOAD_DEREF = opmap['LOAD_DEREF'] STORE_DEREF = opmap['STORE_DEREF'] CALL_FUNCTION = opmap['CALL_FUNCTION'] STORE_GLOBAL = opmap['STORE_GLOBAL'] DUP_TOP = opmap['DUP_TOP'] POP_TOP = opmap['POP_TOP'] NOP = opmap['NOP'] JUMP_FORWARD = opmap['JUMP_FORWARD'] ABSOLUTE_TARGET = dis.hasjabs def _oparg(code, opcode_pos): return code[opcode_pos 1] (code[opcode_pos 2] 8 # If LOAD_GLOBAL(super) or LOAD_NAME(super) then we want to change it into # LOAD_FAST(super) elif (opcode == LOAD_GLOBAL or opcode == LOAD_NAME) and _oparg(newcode, i) == sn_pos: need_preamble = need_load = True # If LOAD_FAST(super) then we just need to add the preamble elif opcode == LOAD_FAST and _oparg(newcode, i) == sv_pos: need_preamble = need_load = True # If LOAD_DEREF(super) then we change it into LOAD_FAST(super) because # it's slightly faster.

elif opcode == LOAD_DEREF and _oparg(newcode, i) == sc_pos: need_preamble = need_load = True if need_load: newcode[i:i 3] = load_super i = 1 if opcode = HAVE_ARGUMENT: i = 2 # No changes needed - get out.

A way to allow some similar use alongside the normal proposal would be favorable, encouraging good design of multiple inheritance trees and compatible methods.

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