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The JTM 45 Mark II By 1965 the Marshall JTM-45 MK II was well-known in London.It had the same black color of vinyl we know today, but the logo and the faceplate were bright white.

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The First Marshall Amps on Sale Company founder James Marshall earned the nickname “Father of Loud,” but he wasn’t a guitar player, he was a popular London big band drummer.

He quit playing gigs to give drum lessons with enough students to justify opening the “Marshall Music Store” on Uxbridge Road near London in 1962.

The low wattage speakers meant the amp needed at least four of them, hence the first Marshall cabinet design; closed-back with four 20-watt G12-15 Alnico speakers made by Celestion in London to replace the Jenson speakers used in open back Fender cabinets.

The original JTM-45 MK II is still encased in glass at the Marshall headquarters in Bletchley, England, considered to be invaluable.

There were two toggle-switches on the left; power and standby, followed by a round, amber “on-light” in a chrome bezel.

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