Dating vox ac50

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dating vox ac50-81

However, the rapid development of the Vox UL "hybrid" models during 1966 probably caused Vox to abort this plan.

A common fallacy surrounding the "Big Box" amp cabinet is that it's larger size provided the chassis with better ventilation than the "Small Box" AC-50 cabinet. While the "Big Box" cabinet is indeed larger, the slider board provided a partition that made the chassis compartment of the "Big Box" cabinet the same size as the "Small Box" cabinet.

North Coast Music offers a replacement AC-50 slider board to correct this problem.

The AC 50 Mk III and Mk IV amp heads would typically have black Vox grill and use the later, "three field" Vox Amplifier serial plate, as shown at right.

By comparison, the chassis was bolted to the bottom of the small box AC-50 cabinets.

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