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..."The stereotype at least is that unicorn hunting couples are looking to treat a partner as an object in their relationship," he added. So if you're a well-meaning couple with genuinely big hearts who's looking, what should you do? It's about making intimate space for friends who, if cupid's arrows fly, might like to become more.

"They want someone — maybe anyone, reducible to their gender, sexuality, and availability — that fits into their lives and fits their relationship without thinking about the needs and human perspectives of the person they're looking for."... ● Splinter, part of the Gizmodo Media Group of online magazines, goes deeper: Bisexual women don’t want to be your sex ‘unicorn’ (July 19, 2016) By Lux Alptraum ...

"He thought he was so edgy and out there, and we could have a wife the two of us together.

"As it turns out, it's every straight boy's fantasy. And when he didn't get what he wanted, he had a tantrum, and didn't want to do it anymore." When couples can't find a unicorn, Sheff said it's common that the woman has actually started to quite enjoy the freedom of polyamory.

For some background to better explain, I'm an emotionally detached ex special forces man who is so straight shooting that 65% of people don't like me because quite frankly I don't give a fuck what you think if you did something dumb we need to fix it and that's okay. And be dumpable at any moment by both of the couple if one of them gets the wibbles.

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