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This new style of can, which was very different from the rest, was hugely popular with small and medium sized breweries and reigned for a 15-year period.Crowntainer cans were first used by breweries beginning in September 1939, beginning with the C.

Wouldnt it be great if early beer cans had a born on date like so many cans do today?

Unfortunately, they dont, so you have to look for other hints.

The copyright date can also be misleading because it reflects the year when the brand name was trademarked, not when the brewery started producing that brand in cans.

As notable examples, Glueks Beer and Schmidts Light Beer show a copyright date of 1933, which is when prohibition was just ending and before beer cans were even produced!

For example, the yellow label Altes Beer (192-01) and silver label Altes Beer (192-04) both show a copyright date of 1941.

Dating tin cans

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