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But there's a lot more to see and do in Saint John.Its historic streets, museums, and art galleries make it one of Atlantic Canada's favorite cruise ports, and throughout the cruising season, you're likely to see ships moored at the foot of its busy uptown.

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The city was founded in 1783 by Loyalists fleeing the American Revolution, and you'll still see a few buildings from their time.

But more than half the town was destroyed in a catastrophic fire in 1877, so many of the distinctive brick and stone buildings date to the Victorian era.

The eight-meter difference between sea levels at high and low tide actually makes the Saint John River flow backwards here, forming a turbulent mass of whirlpools as it forces its way against the natural outward flow.

Twelve hours later, the river resumes its natural course, and the falls flow over the stone ridge in the other direction.

Address: 1 Market Square, Saint John, New Brunswick Official site: The classic old market hall is one of the few buildings to have escaped the Great Fire that swept through the city just a year after the market opened in 1876.

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