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We’ve got you covered: Now go hug your bear of a partner and tell him you love him. The good news is that you really don’t have to worry about the bad ending because it’s not unlockable yet. First date: Joseph is also the only dad that come the third and final date, players can’t score more than an “A” rank, which is below the normal “S” rank perfection.If you’re curious to see what the hell happened, you can watch the video right here to see what old Joseph is up to. I believe this has to do with the alternate ending, but all will be revealed soon!Its when you get on field at late hour is when it starts.

But I kept seeing people posting about how “amazing” it was and after seeing gorgeous fan art after gorgeous fan art – I caved. This dating sim title has an eclectic group of characters, each drastically different from one another, incredibly hilarious dialogue, and a heart-warming relationship between father and daughter.

No spoilers, but it also has one hell of a twist if you get the “bad ending” that will be released to the public at a later date.

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Need the Dream Daddy A Dad Dating Simulator Walkthrough for all levels?

Dream Daddy is a dating simulator that took the gaming world by storm.

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