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This is also true if the guy in question won't go on any dates with you that cost money, but will go on similar outings with friends. The reason why is hard to understand, but it's been noted by psychologists for quite some time.Oddly enough, both of these traits are seen in sociopathy and Narcissistic Personality Disorder. However, the keyword here is that I used to date him.

Generally speaking, people who are very superficial also have the ugly trait of dropping people the moment that things don't look as good as "they should look." It's selfish, and it's callous, but it's the truth.

In other words, guys who are very superficial will never be "ride or die" for you — even if they expect you to be that way for them. There are certain things you should prioritize above a spouse or a partner, such as family emergencies.

I'm a believer that people who are selfish are also greedy individuals. Second, you can never tell if a guy who acts this way likes you or your bank account.

If he has money to pay for the bill but tried to "lose" his wallet at the end of the date, he's too selfish to be dating anyone but himself. Superficiality and selfishness have a tendency of going hand-in-hand.

Some will also use that firm, commanding tone to make you feel accountable when things don't work out the way you want it to be.

Dating selfish girl

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