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Or you hold a wee one in your lap to move the car from the garage to the driveway, pausing to get a shot on your smartphone.Photos of these seemingly harmless moments were taken in good fun, but sharing them online opens you up for criticism and potential problems, since all the surrounding details may not be immediately evident upon first glance.What kinds of pictures do you think are best kept private and off of social media?

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But while sharing shots of little ones at birthday parties, wearing new outfits, or exploring the zoo is cute, some moments should remain private.

Otherwise, you may put kids at risk for embarrassment, or even worse, make them a potential target for child predators.

If you decided to share photos of your kids online, great.

But it’s not okay to make this decision for other parents, who may not feel comfortable having their children’s faces plastered all over social media.

Photos of your kiddos doing their business are best kept private when you think of potential future consequences.

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