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Russia wants to unplug its internet from the rest of the world. »The United States has placed sanctions on Moscow for its incursions into eastern Ukraine and annexation of Crimea and agrees that European reliance on Russian gas creates a risk. has its own interest in overtaking Russia’s share of the European gas market via America sales of liquefied natural gas, or LNG.Trump has threatened sanctions on Western companies associated with the project. In recent years, America has become a global leader in LNG exports, with many of those shipments going to Europe. Petersburg, former German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder accused the U. of prioritizing its commercial interests in LNG sales to Europe to gain political influence on Denmark to delay the pipeline’s construction.“Denmark is putting Europe’s energy security at risk,” said Schroeder, who is the Nord Stream 2 project chairman.By doing so, Denmark has created another crack in the rift between those European Union and NATO members already divided by the pipeline’s association with Russia.

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“The Russian side will be ready to discuss the date of the next meeting no earlier than in September,” Naftogaz wrote in a tweet on 14 June.

TASS quoted Novak as saying on 13 June that Russia is ready to extend the gas transit contract with Ukraine under current conditions.

That would be a potential loss of billions of dollars in revenue for Ukraine. and its European allies to reject the Nord Stream 2 project.

The Eastern European nation would then need to buy gas from other sources. Ukrainian officials point to three occasions between 20 when Russia shut off the flow of gas to Ukraine during contract negotiations or diplomatic standoffs and put Europe’s gas supply in jeopardy.

“Russia takes a constructive position on this issue and is ready to continue gas transit through Ukraine and ensure supplies to European consumers.

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