Dating games people play movie

by  |  04-Jan-2020 13:42

The fastest way to a woman’s heart is through her vagina, after all.

So I stood to get really hurt if I slept with a guy whose sole interest in me would then be satisfied; if it turned out he was just lying to get in my pants.

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They would have, could have, seen the best in you, and been part of bringing that best into your daily life, your every moment.

They could have been part of your triumphs, your growth, you being the best person you could possibly be.

aka, you get as much vulnerability, sex, care and devotion, as possible, without actually showing emotion or providing emotional connection in return.

You take, you use, you manipulate and you can justify it all because hey! Most people are genuine in their desire for connection and honest in their pursuit of it.

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