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To activate them, insert the following line into the source code of the page, anywhere inside the Hi, I just discovered RSS feeds.

How can I set up to receive RSS feeds from various sites? I'm specifically interested in job updates that companies post on their sites. Hello, If you goal is just to be informed about news or jobs, you should use an aggregator that is connected to the RSS feed you choose, and that is updated automatically. You can get much tools by a google search: rss aggregator Once the software downloaded you have to add all the feeds you want, and you can also visit sites and click on the RSS button (radio) in the URL bar to display the feed.

Here is a list of settings for Pelican: Delete the output directory, and all of its contents, before generating new files.

This can be useful in preventing older, unnecessary files from persisting in your output.

- link is the address of the page displayed when one clicks on the image.

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