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Public rituals include a presentation of offerings, readings from sacred works, lighting a new fire outside and inside the temple, and dances.

People go to enormous effort to prepare a huge banquet for the last day of the festival, to which all the deceased are formally invited by the "floating of the lanterns" the day before.

Transition refers to the time that the person is “in limbo” from the previous group and the future group.

Reincorporation involves that person coming back into the tribe with the new identity.

What is extraordinary with the Kurds is that after having suffered centuries of persecution, oppression and genocide, they have steadfastly remained their own people.

Being offered assimilation or the requisite destruction, the Kurds have refused both and embraced a lonely existence in defiantly declaring their own survival.

The festive atmosphere is enhanced by puppet shows, operas, and other attractions.

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