Dating by scent jeanette aw dating

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dating by scent-64

Someone really care about me and who put more happiness to my life. Someone who really has kindness of his heart not only me and for the others..

Looking for a mate is a full-sensory experience, much more than our conscious minds realize.

In other words, he says you will perceive someone as "good" or "bad," even if it's an artificial response based of someone's perfume, if that person's scent is too intense.

He says that at smell-dating events, "People will look more negatively to those who have a major smell.

I like to have a family one day,to be a good and a good listener wife(不不🤣 of my future husband.. I want to be hands on to my future kids and also to a responsible and very supportive wife to my partner不不不.the rest we will talk,so tired to type.

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