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Each of us have different needs and we aim to help you find the ideal partner.

Our fully optimised platform allows you to connect directly with other widows and widowers based in towns and cities throughout New Zealand, providing the perfect conditions for romance to flourish.

Alison: Edinburgh, UK to North Shore, Auckland (1518 words) I enjoy living in Milford but we cannot afford to buy a house here.

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Over time, dating can open up your life to new pathways you may have never considered.

With each of you bringing your own values and interests to the relationship, you can come to love again in a way that is different from what you have previously known.

Only you will know if and when you’re ready to date again.

If you’ve enjoyed a happy and fulfilling marriage, it can be easy to compare your previous partner with someone new.

Bozeman: Montana, USA to Christchurch (1400 words) The years we spent living in Bangkok, Shanghai and Hong Kong were fantastic up until it came time for the kids to start school.

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