Dating a friends father

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Ross gets his anonymous teacher evaluations back and finds out that he has an admirer amongst his students. There was a fire in Phoebe's apartment probably due to Phoebe's candles.

Phoebe stays at Joey's and Rachel at Monica's until the apartment will be fixed.

It was one of those father and daughter moments that this dad would never forget.

See more » Elizabeth is under the assumption that since the semester is over she is no longer Ross's student therefore they can date each other but this is highly inaccurate because she is still a student at the university and Ross is still an instructor.

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Bob wants to tell her, but I've been taking an "I'll deal with it tomorrow" approach.

Needless to say, it was awkward around Stacey's mom since she used to make us cookies all the time and here I am flirting with her almost ex-husband. Her parents are separated and are going to divorce, but it still really bothers her. Opening Day against the Yankees is stressful enough on its own.

The Magna Doodle has what appears to be a 'winged' flying rocket pyramid with the 'Eye of Providence" on top and flames like rocket fuel shooting out of the bottom.

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