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Any output to stdout will be returned to q as strings.

This is handy to avoid having to exit the q session and can be done programmatically with the Tip If oscmd results in an operating system error, an exception will be thrown in q.

The When a directory is mapped, the current working directory in the OS is set to that directory.

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Should a logging process terminate abruptly, restarting it with the same file.

Note that although only remote requests are logged, the process can ensure that its own activity is logged by sending requests to itself with the reserved handle 0.

The to process Single Sign On (SSO) token cookies from the HTTP header.

Your handler is passed a two-item list comprising the request text and a dictionary containing the elements of the request header.

In a fresh q session, [0|1] command displays or changes the behavior of a q process when an exception occurs during processing a client (i.e., remote) IPC request.

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