Damon wayans dating

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His mother is a homemaker, singer, and social worker and his father is a supermarket manager.He has five sisters and four brothers who all are notable artists of the same industry. While he was in high school, his elder brothers were already successful comedians, actors, and directors which inspired him to follow their footsteps and make his career in the Hollywood Industry.

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Many gossip columns were written about this but later, as Elvira started to talk about her children in interviews, it was made clear that she was a mother.

Elvira has still not talked about whether or not she is married and thus, it is assumed that she has two children but is not married.

Elvira talks about her children in public but not about her marital or romantic life.

Her children’s relationship with their father is also unknown.

Wife Damon Wayans married Lisa Thorner in 1984 after two years of dating. She is a former model and actress, who got shoved into the limelight as Damon’s wife.

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