Dadd dads against daughters dating shotgun

by  |  25-Nov-2019 11:38

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He was likely being facetious and, more to the point, being facetious in 2008, back when the urge to protect teen girls felt somehow noble or, barring that, a lot more defensible.

None of that can be said of Kemp, who appears to be a doofus.

""It was a few days before my sister's wedding, so my dad had shaved the massive beard that he usually had for the occasion.

When my date showed up and made a comment about it, my dad told him 'I only shave it when I kill someone...'""We had recently moved to a beach town, and my dad complained about the way the 'surfer dudes' dressed here all the time.

I don't think anyone who doesn't have children can really understand.

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