Craig dating daniel

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He was also a good athlete and was a rugby player at Hoylake Rugby Club.At age 14, Craig played roles in "Oliver", "Romeo and Juliet" and "Cinderella" at Hilbre High School in West Kirby, Wirral.

From 1992-1994, he was married to Scottish actress Fiona Loudon, their daughter, named Ella Craig (born 1992). But as an actor I don’t want to give a fuck about what I look like! In a way that works, as that’s Bond: he looks good and he doesn’t give a fuck what you think he looks like!

Craig made his film debut in The Power of One (1992). Bullets have a nasty habit of finding their target and that's what's scary about them. The best acting is when you’re not concerned about the surface. I kind of feel that if you look at the track record of most Bonds - I mean Sean Connery obviously defined the part, and even he struggled for a while to get rid of the mantle. I've been working so hard, for however long it is I've been doing this, to try and stick to doing stuff I totally believe in and that would be wiped out.

", and his mother was the driving force behind his artistic aspirations.

The first Bond movie he ever saw at the cinema was Roger Moore's 007: Ela ja lase teistel surra (1973); young Daniel Craig saw it with his father, so it took a special place in his heart.

Craig performed with NYT on tours to Valencia, Spain, and to Moscow, Russia, under the leadership of director Edward Wilson.

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