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And obviously, it’s much harder for my character to do that. How realistic is it for a former music icon to spontaneously decide to go to college? And probably a lot of young women there, who she would also be interested in dating. So that played a big role in her decision to go to college, and sort of naively, she gets a bit of a wake-up call where she goes to college, and nobody knows who she is. I heard that while first playing Maria Hill in the MCU, you had to learn to throw a punch. Well, I tried to learn guitar, which is very difficult to do on the fly. Even Jamie had this guy write a final song in it, and then I was like, “Jamie, we have to be more like, she’s just a fun woman, and she doesn’t really know how to play guitar, she’s like learning to play guitar” because I can’t pull it off.

So she can’t make any headway with anybody based off of her fame, so she’s sort of forced to go back into self-reflection mode, which isn’t an easy place for her to be in. But that was really cool because I always wanted to learn how to play.

So it did force me to focus and learn a few chords, but it was the hardest (and I can’t even remember what chords they are), but they sort of broke it down for me.

And I went to a teacher, and I had them show me, so I could do it and copy it and practice it at home.

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