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As you begin exploring the area, you'll find Trompdoy.

Simply ignore him and loot what you can around the area, sooner or later you'll come to realize that some are illusions.

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HOW TO LOGIN: After you click the continue button below the rules, you can login as a guest or a member.

Proceed in the same direction you were heading, to find red eye heads and an item in the distance.

There are 5 Oolacile Residents and 1 Oolacile Sorceress protecting a Dark Bead - an overpowered dark magic spell.

Head back and stay vigilant to make a left turn onto a rocky path, at which it overlooks a great area of familiar-looking black ghostly forms, once crossing it. When you get to the end of the rocky bridge path, you'll find a split; turn left (recommended/optional), or right into battle with the countless Giant Humanity entities; whatever you choose to do first, you will have to engage these spirits at some point, so here are a few tips and notes on them: Choosing to head onto the platform on your left will result in the floor disappearing and you falling through to the level below - an illusionary floor!

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