Celebrating 100 days of dating

by  |  03-Nov-2019 18:15

is an age old Korean tradition that most Korean American families celebrate until this day because it carries a special meaning in a child’s life.

), entering this world and growing into a big, healthy boy he is today. If you’ve been following my motherhood journey on my blog, you would know that I never planned to have a third child.

You can read more about this period of contemplation here.

The only detail I splurged on is the gold name signage purchased through Red Letter Day.

The owner Jane did a wonderful job in creating this name signage that I plan to use for Baby D’s one year celebration as well (another important tradition in the Korean culture).

Instead of trying to do too much, for I knew this would drive me insane, I decided on a minimalist decor and only put what is absolutely needed.

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