Catholics against interracial dating players guide to online dating limited edition pdf

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The paper adds facts to back up the school's stated stance againstracism. In fact, BJU is now consulting Greenville Technical College in South Carolina on development of that college's interactive classroom program.

The university has made the right decision.” BJU now admits blacks, but had kept its ban on interracial dating based on its biblical interpretation that God created people differently for a reason.

Last night, however, Jones said there was no biblical reference to support its ban.

At that time, Christians nationwideunderstood that interracial marriage was best avoided." As for accusations calling the school "anti-Catholic," Bob Jones University "stand[s] upon the doctrines of Scripture, which places it atodds with papal edict," but clarifies such a stand does not justify thelabel "haters of Catholics." "If there are those who wish to charge us with beinganti-Catholicism, we plead guilty. "We are far from a perfect place and people," the school'sexplanation concludes, "but we try to love Christ as perfectly asredeemed sinners can.

But we are not Catholic-haters,"according to the school.

In a document titled, "The Truth About Bob Jones University," the school responds to media accusationslabeling the school as a racist, anti-Catholic institution.

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