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The same month this book is released I'll become the senior pastor of my church.This awesome responsibility is being passed on to me by my mentor, C. Mahaney, a pastor who has faithfully served for over 26 years. , in Gaithersburg , Maryland , where he has been executive pastor at Covenant Life Church since 2001, and will resume role of senior pastor in fall 2004.Rather than committing to a local body of believers, most Christians "date the church," refusing to commit to a long-term relationship.

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So this book is marking a very important transition in my life. Through the pages of this book, I'm calling my generation to do the same. : Fall in Love with the Family of God, bestselling author Joshua Harris says no, God’s purpose for Christians involves a deep commitment to a local church. This book is a direct and intelligent challenge to the individualism and consumerism that has pervaded the attitude towards Church held by most North American Christians. Joshua Harris speaks nationally and has led New Attitude, conferences for college students that aims to spread a love for biblical truth combined with a passion for the presence of God. This role allows him to focus his energy on his young family and the church he feels God has called him to serve.

The church isn't some other generation's responsibility--it isn't somebody else's business. His bestselling books include I Kissed Dating Goodbye, Boy Meets Girl, and Not Even a Hint.

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