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"We hadn't talked since I was cut [by the Browns in 1993]," Kosar said. No athlete when he's young or in his prime ever thinks it will end."But end it did. The money disappeared because of some family issues and some poor investments. Things happen, people needed help."He paused."I was into a lot of Florida real estate," he added. Kosar is working through his bankruptcy issues and working with Longaberger on selling products with NFL licensing. Yes, he was there to shake hands and sign autographs, but he was more like a blocking back and a safety-valve receiver with Tami quarterbacking the business. He has a hard time being mad at those who haven't been nice to him."I heard that Art was in a wheelchair and not doing well. Kosar also forgot he was an honor student with a finance degree from the University of Miami. "Anyone who had a lot of Florida real estate and says they didn't get killed [financially] in the last few years is lying."Kosar is starting over. She is an amazing person."Bernie Kosar takes time out during a conversation with Browns offensive coordinator Brian Daboll, right, to sign an autograph after a Browns practice in Berea on Aug. Kosar recently was in Columbus for The Bee, a sales convention for the Longaberger Co. He also seemed very content in the role, as this was his second Longaberger convention."Bernie is a person who is honest and has the courage to express his opinions," Longaberger said. It's not in his heart to hold grudges."Which brings us to Belichick."Bill and I made up not long after he got the New England [Patriots coaching] job," Kosar said. Bill then called me to thank me, and we've been friends ever since. I thought Bill would be perfect for a team on a tight timeline because of his incredible organizational skills.

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He needs to pull himself up a bit with his hands on the arms of a chair. "Most of them have real physical problems from football that they'll deal with the rest of their lives.

Nor can he hold his right arm straight out to the side of his body."I've had surgery on my ankle to get a screw taken out," Kosar said. But I'm doing OK, I really am."Kosar took a physical beating during his playing career, and he still feels the effects today. But they are like Bernie -- they say they'd go through it all once more if only they could play again."Kosar has four children: Sara (age 18), Rachel (17), Becky (13) and Joe (10)."I spend a lot of time as Mr. "The kids live in Florida, but they spend a lot of time up here with me.

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