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In a world called Second Life, especially (where the virtual Hawaii described above can be found), so many people visit that profitable businesses have sprung up that earn their proprietors real money, not just virtual currency -- in fact, a handful of people earn six-figure incomes there.There are discos, casinos and other sites that can be rented for private parties or even for the virtual weddings many people hold."Coming to Second Life was a nice way to get away from the stresses of real life," said Amy Mc Kenzie, a full-time mother of three in Madison, S. "But mostly it's a place I can meet my friends and just have a good time."One California woman, whose avatar is known as Sweet Brown1 Mfume, spends many of her after-work and weekend hours socializing with friends in Second Life.They get there via software that lets them guide their onscreen representatives, known as "avatars," through places built entirely of pixels where they can interact with one another.

After a few minutes spent mastering the basic techniques of movement and how to give your avatar a rudimentary makeover, you're released into the wider virtual world to explore the sights and sounds of a place that contains the virtual equivalent of 25 square miles of land and is growing every day.

PRACTICALLY everything in Second Life's world was created by its residents, who come from 80 countries around the (real) world.

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That's because it exists not in any physical location but in one of the many virtual worlds that millions of people now travel to every day with the help of nothing more than a decent computer graphics card and a broadband Internet connection.

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