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I’m currently dating an Assyrian woman who I met in college. She just told her parents we’re dating and they reacted pretty poorly - freaking out, telling her she needs to break up and asking her to promise that she will end the relationship.

Her dad wants to come up and force her to end it (they live in a different city).

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Our clients can release their personal information in waves as they get to know a potential match. Then some 1st date style questions if they would like to pursue a potential match. Female clients get basic information of between 1-3 perfect males and always the first option if they would like to continue through the different online courtship, making it a more comfortable dating atmosphere for our females. Singles will answer a series of questions with varying levels of intimacy meant to give a potential match an overall understanding of who you really are.

Finally request to offer more personal information when they are ready to really get to know a potential match. Answers from the survey are processed by our matchmaker to find the perfect potential match(es) for you.

Although some online dating services require membership fees that range from twenty-five dollars to fifty dollars, online dating services are still cheaper compared to going to different places to find potential dates.

We wanted to provide a source where singles of ANY Assyrian descent would be able to easily and safely search for other Assyrians from around the world.

If she approves, her general survey information will be offered to the potential match male in return, and so on for the following levels of personal information. The Assyrian Match Maker survey consists of around 150 questions having to do with basic information to more intimate topics.

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