Are jonathan and charlotte dating dating show hosted by chuck woolery

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They have since released two albums, Together in 2012 and Perhaps Love in 2013.

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Quite the opposite, Jonathan regards his beautiful former singing partner as a sister and nothing more.

He confesses that all the speculation and hopes that the 2012 Britain's Got Talent runners up were an item in real life was "creepy" and gave him "that barfy feeling."I soon discover that the bright and animated 19-year-old certainly doesn't hold back when he talks about his life, his dreams and his demons.

"She lives in Canada, which is a double edged sword.

She’s great I really love her." Jonathan met Michelle last year via a web chat service and their relationship has gone from strength to strength.

The loyal lad refused and won the hearts of the nation (and eventually even Simon) in doing so. He told me that Simon is actually an absolute "sweetheart" in real life. And we're not finished yet - there's still plenty more to come from Jonathan in our next video...

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