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Erin Sanders (Quinn Pensky)She jumped right from one Nick show to the next, going from “Zoey 101” to “Big Time Rush,” where she stayed until the series ended in 2013.

From there, she did a few episodes of “Melissa & Joey,” was in the Lifetime movie “Guilty at 17” and most recently was in the 2017 drama “Limelight.” She’s currently working on a new drama, titled “Along the Way.”Christopher Massey (Michael Barret)The actor played a 911 operator in the 2009 film “Mary and Max,” voiced a character in 2010’s “The Search for Santa Paws,” guest starred in an episode of “Switched at Birth” and then reprised his “Zoey 101” character alongside Flynn in the 2015 short.

In 2013 he directed for his former costar Jamie Lynn Spears' music video for her song "How Could I Want More" and a look at his Instagram account reveals he is now pursuing a career in art animation.

Are erin sanders and matthew underwood dating

Spears' also tapped into a career in country music back in 2013, releasing a single, "How Could I Want More" along with her debut EP titled Dustin Brooks, the younger brother to Spears' Zoey Brooks, was played by Paul Butcher.

Since the show ended, he's worked to stay in limelight by taking on some small roles and voiceover work over the years, along with releasing original music and covers of songs like Shawn Mendes' "Mercy." Speaking about his song "Blood," which was released in 2017, Butcher shared to MTV News his belief that it is "artist's duty to create art that reflects the times and can ultimately make a difference."Many people don't realize that Christopher Massey, who played class clown character Michael Barret on the show, is the older brother to fellow child star Kyle Massey who starred as Cory Baxter on both ended in 2008, Underwood only took on one other acting role in 2009.

On the show's 14 year anniversary, Jamie Lynn Spears took to Instagram to share her love and appreciation for the show. 14 years later...still a jam." But below her initial statement laid more text that left ans completely shook. After getting pregnant at age 16 by then boyfriend Casey Aldridge, Spears gave birth to a daughter, named Maddie Briann, who is 10 years old now.

Spears hash tagged "#itdid NOTendbecauseofpregnancy" followed by #contractwasfinished." When the show wasn't renewed in 2008, fans assumed it was because of Spears' pregnancy. Aldridge and Spears' on-again off-again relationship finally came to an end in November of 2010 and Spears is now married to businessman Jamie Watson, with whom she shares a newborn daughter with named Ivey Joan.

The actress also describes herself as someone who often falls asleep on her couch and wakes up in the middle of the night to get a complete 11-step skincare routine done.

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