Andre 3000 dating

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Rumors have been swirling for years about Andre’s feminine expressions (yoga, wigs, painting, etc.) highlighted by the fact that he has not been publicly linked with a woman since Erykah Badu in late 1998, the mother of his son Seven.

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” first hit.“If they drop the bomb, you got 20 minutes to get here,” says André 3000.

“We’re gonna need a whole lotta water to make it for two weeks.” We’re in the third-floor sub-basement of André Benjamin’s apartment building in downtown New York.

Other than a few genius-level guest appearances and an Out Kast reunion tour in 2014, rap iconoclast André Benjamin has been off in his own distant orbit for the past decade or so.

Here, we make contact with 3 Stacks to talk about what he’s been doing since “Hey Ya!

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