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'' Older kids can come with all kinds of baggage.'' Ms.

Klein cautioned that prospective parents ''shouldn't go with just emotions and not intellect,'' adding: '' They have a 9-year-old and expect them to start fourth grade in September.

That feature of the program attracted Barbara and Peter Garville when they learned of it through a local church. We'll host her, there are no obligations.''' It turned out that the girl, Valentina, had a younger brother, Ivan.

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The child needs to be evaluated by professionals who know the needs of the older institutionalized child.'' Stories of developmental delays are not uncommon.'' There are a lot of families who go to Russia and they take this beautiful, blond, blue-eyed child back to America and when the child has difficulties in school, they can't understand,'' said Terry Naumann, who has adopted three Russian children, one of them through Bridge of Hope. Parents need to be aware of the fact that there might be some underlying learning disabilities because of a very compromised early childhood.'' To protect the visiting children, families considering adoption are instructed not to mention it during their summer stay -- as the necessary approvals can take up to eight months to obtain.

'' Mothers who statistically give up their child for adoption have children prone to A. The final step is a court date, and adoptive parents must travel to Russia to appear before a judge.

In older children, it's a little bit different set of parents -- more mature and a little bit older.'' From the perspective of the would-be parents, the appealing thing about summer programs like Ms.

Mayhew's is the opportunity they offer to get to know a Russian orphan before making a commitment to adopt.

The siblings had arrived in Westchester under the auspices of the Bridge of Hope program, which brings in older Russian orphans for the summer with the ultimate goal of finding them families.

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