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Older people are likely to be seen as a burden and a drain on resources, rather than a resource in themselves.Their only contribution, it seems, is to make worse the “dependency ratio,” a term that enshrines dubious assumptions about who will be financially dependent on whom.

If is one of the today’s most challenging global trends, we - in our daily life and inner circles - simply avoid looking at it and treating it as its human, societal and economic outcomes. It looks like a silly way to build our one future, isn’t it?

In the article “Age-stereotype paradox: an opportunity for social changes” Becca Levy identifies 4 age stereotype paradox domains: Health, Inter-generation Contact, Legislation, Social Climate. Old is a category against which is necessary to conduct “battles” (battles against wrinkles etc.), old as drainers of scarce resources (The silver tsunami invades the health of nations, We're not ready for the 'silver tsunami' of older adults living with cancer in America ), old as conspirers to maintain the status-quo (Brexit is a “conspiracy perpetrated by the old on the young”), old people as (hospital's) bed-blockers, older workers as less productive and less comfortable with technology, old age as mindless: you are not able to learn any anything after 30 (guess at 70!

Image and data elaboration by the author on A recent study based on the European Social Survey (The Everyday Ageism Project) found that ageism is the most prevalent type of discrimination reported by almost 35% of all participants over the age of 18.

According to Butler ageism is the “systematic stereotyping and discrimination against people because they are old.

Let's make it simple: young is good and old is bad in today's culture. Contribute to loneliness, segregation, stress, abuse: in the workplace, in our family, in a hospital, in the media, everywhere far or near from us.

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