Advantages and disadvantages of dating in college

by  |  11-Dec-2019 13:55

By listening to them this will help you in school and later in the work force because there are going to be topics of which that doesn’t interest you or a wish not to discuss, but unable to avoid due to certain reasons.

You will then have that practice of having to listen to those type of topics.

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Even if the person you are dating may not have the same major as you, you are still able to study together.

The person you are dating can help with studying for an exam, reviewing your essays before submitting them, homework, and if one is better or has a better understanding of a subject than the other then they can always help the other out and vice versa.

It is OK to have a relationship in college because it can benefit you in the end.

Some argue that dating while in college is a bad idea since it might be a cause for distraction from your studies, because the couple would want to spend their free time together rather than doing their work or studying.

That means homework is done on time, paper is written, reviewed, and submitted before its due date, and you are more prepared for that quiz or exam.

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