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The Grand Chapiteau is a temporary structure which is supported by four masts. * Please be advised that all backpacks or other items larger than a handbag or briefcase will not be allowed on Cirque du Soleil premises.All bags and persons entering Cirque du Soleil premises are subject to search by designated and qualified security personnel before being allowed onto the premises.Kindergarten begins in the fall of each school year.

Our policy conforms to the principle of ‘the earlier you buy the better the prices will be, and the better the choice of seats'.

To achieve this we set the lowest possible prices for all performances as soon as they go on sale. With a central location, visitors are able to take advantage of both parking and public transit options year round.

Kindergarten is the start of an exciting adventure for your child.

CBE schools are open to all children and are committed to embracing every student in a safe and welcoming environment.

Food & Beverages Arrays of alcoholic and non-alcoholic refreshments as well as snacks are available for purchase.

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