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You'll meet other people in your age and interest group through a series of face-to-face six minute "pre-dates" in a private area at a local upscale restaurant/bar. After a successful "match" and quick exchange of e-mails, I asked Theresa to a local concert.

With this in mind, 8 minute dating seems to be looking better and better all the time. Also, said companies keep your contact details confidential until you meet someone you wish to see again. It's faster than a normal date and you meet real people who you never have to see again if you don't wish to, without hassle.2.

At that stage it's up to yourself weather to continue with the company or organize your own personal date. Everyone's here for the same reason, to meet someone, so you're guaranteed not to chat up someone's girlfriend or boyfriend by accident.3. If you don't like the person, you only have to endure them for 8 minutes :-)4.

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You will get to a certain age where, no matter what city code you live in, you will not be content with the date or dates you are currently having.

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