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Sandwich bag set down on the side table, Natasha pointedly stared at Bucky straight in the eyes as she knocked over the small bird statue on Tony’s desk. The small bookshelf by the wall clicked and swivelled open.

Bucky hissed as he turned back to a thankfully still snoozing Tony, then turned his glare back on Natasha. The back of the bookshelf held a small keypad, and Natasha entered a short series of numbers before hearing another click.

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""Yes I am" Jess said, in a barely audible voice."So, you have the opportunity to go out with many other girls.

You can wear those pants when you are with your friends, but when you are with my daughter, you sure as hell better have pants that fit properly, or else I will take it upon myself to get my electric nail gun and fasten them securely to your hips, to ensure they don't fall off during the course of your date with Megan""Seriously" Jess asked."Do you really want to find out? "Second, I am aware that you are a very popular guy, are you not?

"So in the mean time, me and you are going to have a friendly little chat" Jess gulped."Fist off, I am aware that wearing your pants ten sizes to big is the style right now. ""Yes""Now, while I think you are you're peers are complete idiots, I want to be open minded about this issue. "That's what I thought," House said, pleased that this boy was scared.

Jess wondered how many more of these he would have to go through."Finally" House continued, "Be afraid. If you glace over and see someone that sorta reminds you of a wombat, I know him too.

Not his tourist NYC sweater that Clint had cheekily bought him, not his green army sweater, not the ugly grey hoodie he threw on before a run or even the matching couple one with kittens on it that Tony had bought as a joke.

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