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The White House is still pushing forward on both of these counts in 2018.

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In the transgender community of which I am a part—comprised of a mere 1.4 million of us in the United States—these deaths send shockwaves that are felt far beyond the victims’ inner circles.

This horrible violence, the unceasingness of it, is what keeps so many transgender people living in fear, especially those who are poor, or who are not white.

Discrimination—in the workplace, in bathrooms, in public—is still widespread.

The only difference is that now, the Trump administration has been rolling back what few protections transgender people have secured, first removing important guidance on transgender students’ restroom usage and then trying to ban transgender people from military service.

First in January was 42-year-old Christa Leigh Steele-Knudslien, the founder of two transgender beauty pageants, who was beaten and stabbed in her home, leading police to charge her husband with murder.

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